Withdrawal Procedure of the Product(s) Obtained

The return or replacement of the purchased product shall be carried out in the manner prescribed by Article 517 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia.

The Customer has the right to exchange or return the purchased product within 14 working days (from the date of receiving the parcel).

The Vendor exchanges or returns only the products in proper state of condition, the shipping costs are not refunded. Costs, related to the delivery of the product(s) to the Vendor’s location for the purpose of returning  or replacing, shall be borne by  the Customer.

To return the delivered product, you must fill in the form attached to the order, using the return label.

Upon carrying out the return, the Customer must notify the return or exchange by sending an email at the address of the HMA Shop. The Customer will receive a confirmation letter for his/her return or exchange. Having received the product(s), the Vendor will transfer the amount of returned product(s) to the Customer’s card account, which will not include the shipping costs.  In case of exchange, having received the refund, the Customer may register a new order.

Note: If the product(s) have been damaged or broken during the shipment, the Customer may contact the Customers Service Centre of the HMA Shop.

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